Fabian Stamate - Landscape and Nature Photography

About me: I was born in Romania in the late 70s, then lived for few years in Germany, until I finally moved to beautiful Portugal, where I live since 1987. I work as a children psychologist in my clinic, near Lisbon. My main interests include spending time in nature, photographing and surfing.

About my photography: Photography became an important part of my life since 2012 when I started to feel an intense need to slow down from the busy daily life, and to do something creative. A great sense of calm is what I get every time I spend some time in the middle of nature, allowing myself to just “be there”, fully present in the moment. Few things give me more pleasure and peace of mind than strolling around the trails of a dense forest or walking along a stormy seascape, contemplating all the natural elements around me. That is when I decide to slowly build-up my temporary “photographic station” and to capture whatever mood, feeling, and small details come to my eyes and senses. Landscape and nature photography gives me the opportunity to have all this. 

I hope you will appreciate my view of the world and the nature around me, as much as I have enjoyed being there to capture it. Feel free to contact me for any questions about the photographed places or the used techniques.